95% Accurate Scores and Instant Results Helped Majorel Win a Big Client Contract

Majorel is an international service company specializing in customer experience and business process outsourcing. Using better language testing, they’re scaling their global services with confidence.

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Highlights of Majorel + Emmersion

  • Emmersion is Majorel’s first choice for language screening
  • More accurate, granular scoring helps Majorel find highly qualified candidates for their clients
  • Within 4 months of opening, Majorel Kenya screened 600+ candidates and hired hundreds of qualified agents
  • Majorel Philippines won a big client contract by committing to finding 200 new hires in a few short weeks, made possible with Emmersion’s remote language testing


Started with Emmersion in 2018


5,000 candidates screened using Emmersion


Philippines, Malaysia, Kenya, North America, Mexico


English, French, Japanese

We need something that backs up our language ability claims. Emmersion provides that validity to our clients and partners.

Rebecca Hernandez, Majorel Canada

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As one of the top 10 global contact centers servicing premier clients all around the world, Majorel has a tall hiring order to fill. Finding thousands of hires means screening and interviewing tens of thousands of applicants for the right skills, and the most important one is language ability.

To find the best hires for their clients, Majorel has to:

  • Maintain a large global talent pool
  • Weed out applicants early on who can’t speak the language
  • Prove each candidates’ language skills to their clients
  • Hire new agents fast as they open locations
  • Scale hiring and operations for global clients


Emmersion’s tests have been a great fit for Majorel because they’re built with scalability, efficiency, and a global workforce in mind. Assessments are fast, they can be sent and taken from anywhere, and each candidates’ scores are highly detailed, instantly available, and easy to share with clients. When Majorel needs to prove language ability, Emmersion’s language testing software helps them do it right.

With Emmersion, Majorel can:

  • Prove candidates’ speaking ability in less than 15 minutes with instant, individualized results
  • Discover true language ability with 16 times more precision than the CEFR alone
  • Send snapshot scores, detailed results mapped to global standards, and even test recordings for client approval
  • Access detailed insights about their talent pool’s language skills from a simple, informative admin dashboard
  • Test speaking and grammar ability remotely without burdening their recruiting teams


Emmersion is Majorel’s first choice for automated language screening. They’ve used our fast, simple, easy-to-explain testing to prove the language ability of more than 2500 candidates worldwide and counting. And with better language testing leading to faster hiring and easier scaling, Majorel continues to build momentum as a top leader in the contact center space.

Here’s a few of the top results they’ve seen from switching to Emmersion:

  • Majorel Kenya – Hit the ground running with a new operations manager in a new location by screening over 600 candidates in just 4 months and getting hundreds of qualified agents started within a few weeks.
  • Majorel Malaysia – Reliably screening remote applicants for Japanese language skills, saving thousands in turnover and relocation costs
  • Majorel Philippines – Won a big new client contract by confidently committing to hire 200 top language-qualified hires in just 3 weeks

With Emmersion, Majorel quickly finds skilled language talent so they can continue to expand while delivering high-quality services for their clients.

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