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Language Companies​

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Proven in 600+ Organizations Around the World

“We use the TrueNorth test as an extra screening tool. Since we screen and hire a large amount of candidates, this tool saves time to screen the candidate’s language levels. We have found the tool to be very helpful especially when we hire non-native speakers. Additionally, the context of the test is very simple and it is easy to explain how to complete the test to candidates.”

Momo Tokumasu Majorel Malaysia

“TrueNorth is an artificial intelligence language screening platform that is being used in our LATAM region. It is amazing and we are very pleased with this addition to our recruiting process.”

VP Human Capital & Communications SYKES LATAM

“We’ve been looking for a more efficient way to test our incoming international students. The TrueNorth speaking test is quick, the results are very reliable, and the cost is less expensive than doing speaking interviews in-house.”

Robert Elliot
University of Oregon

“We have thousands of English language learners using our product who want to know their speaking level. We were thrilled to find an automated solution that we could integrate into our product for our users.”

Gary Riding MovieMouth

“I get so frustrated with RFP’s when they ask what we do to assess language proficiency. I’ve never had a good answer. With Emmersion now I do”

BenJoe Markland
COO, Focus Services

“Thanks to the efficiency and reliability of the TrueNorth and WebCAPE, we can now cite scientific evidence demonstrating the efficacy of our language learning products. Furthermore, our users can relate their progress to real-world measures like ACTFL and college language placement.”

Jason Teshuba
CEO, Mango Languages

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