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AI-driven language assessment and analytics tools that help to evaluate candidates quickly and accurately

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Corporate HR

Hire and retain the best talent by standardizing your screening process

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Decrease turnover by hiring better-qualified employees more quickly



Place students quickly and accurately and monitor their progress

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Language Companies

Attract and retain more customers through accurate placement and progress tracking

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Accurate Data,
Better Decision Making

We help you measure the right skills. Our assessments are calibrated to deliver all the important data you need to make important decisions. Did we mention that we also correlate to the main global language standards?

Immediate Results,
Increased Operations Speed

Unlike any other on the planet, all of our assessments (including speaking) are fully-automated and provide instant results. When we say instant, we don’t mean 24 hours later. You get results right away!

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Adaptive Methods,
Personalized Assessments

Using artificial intelligence and adaptive methodologies, our assessments are continually improving and developing through big data analytics. Our partners enjoy the most comprehensive experience.


“We use the TrueNorth test as an extra screening tool. Since we screen and hire a large amount of candidates, this tool saves time to screen the candidate’s language levels. We have found the tool to be very helpful especially when we hire non-native speakers. Additionally, the context of the test is very simple and it is easy to explain how to complete the test to candidates.”

Momo Tokumasu Majorel Malaysia
“We have saved a lot of time and money using the TrueNorth Spanish speaking test to screen our applicants, instead of having to call and conduct an evaluation with each one.”

Ben Davidson Idaho Central Credit Union
“We've been looking for a more efficient way to test our incoming international students. The TrueNorth speaking test is quick, the results are very reliable, and the cost is less expensive than doing speaking interviews in-house.” University of Oregon

Robert Elliot University of Oregon
“We have thousands of English language learners using our product who want to know their speaking level. We were thrilled to find an automated solution that we could integrate into our product for our users.”

Gary Riding MovieMouth
“TrueNorth made it easy to integrate their API into our testing platform to include automated scoring into our process. We are saving lots of time and money through this integration."

Jeremy Workman Product Manager

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