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Upskill talent to boost performance and revenue

Use best-in-class language assessment technology to reliably certify language ability, measure learning outcomes, and prove the success of your L&D programs

Candidate assessment overview in Emmersion

Grow and promote with confidence

checkmarkEstablish your employees’ skills quickly and with 95% accuracy
checkmarkTest language ability remotely throughout your organization in under 15 minutes for fast data you can act on now
checkmarkGet a clear picture of skill improvement with granular AI assessments that score the same way every time

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Threshold setting for assessment results in Emmersion

Easily set benchmarks and demonstrate L&D value

checkmarkUse accurate, insightful test data to map scores to outcomes, helping you to predict future success within your teams
checkmarkCreate custom thresholds for milestones and positions for transparent employee goal-setting
checkmarkOur granular, 100-point TrueNorth Scale allows you to understand the nuances of language ability so you can better direct performers who are close to hitting their goals

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Certificate of language ability

Maximize your ROI

checkmarkEstablish clear requirements for each position, motivating your employees to stay, perform well, and advance
checkmarkCreate employee performance tiers to differentiate your services
checkmarkCharge a premium for the proven skills of your top-level communicators

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"One of the challenges people have with offshoring talent is English communication ability. Being able to say to our clients 'we have really great English speaking talent and we use a third party to prove it' gives them confidence in our talent."

"Our clients prefer to have our agents' language abilities validated by a third party. Now, with Emmersion, we are able to provide this certification and it does not slow down our recruitment process."

"I used to dread the question of what we do for language assessment. I'm actually leading with it now. It changes the whole conversation."

"We need something that backs up our language ability claims. Emmersion provides that validity to our clients and partners."

"We are saving 2-3 days per candidate in our recruiting process. We are also saving time for our language experts to focus on more important tasks."

"Verbal English is a key skill for which we require a high proficiency for all of our roles. They are fundamental tests that help us sieve the top 1% of candidates, and therefore need to be very high quality."

"We chose to use Emmersion because it fits within our company's strategic mission for 2021 to improve the learner's user journey part of our product."

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