Assess language ability for placement and progress

WebCAPE assessments, from Rosetta Stone's expert testing division, evaluate reading, grammar, and listening ability in seven languages for higher education programs.

Fast, accurate language testing

Test anywhere in 30 minutes

Students can take the assessment in 30 minutes or less on any desktop or mobile device, prior to their arrival on campus.

Immediate results

Get instant results that include CEFR level and custom mapping to your language courses.

Fully adaptive

Our adaptive assessments are tailored to each student's ability, providing a more comfortable testing experience, enhanced accuracy, and cheating prevention.

Easy-to-use admin portal

Assign assessments, review scores, and track language ability over time with an easy-to-navigate administrator portal.

Validated by extensive data

WebCAPE assessments are supported by rigorous calibration and validation from 6 million assessments and 25 years of data insights.

Automate your workflow

Seamlessly connect with your current workflow through our Enterprise API and integrations, such as Banner.

WebCAPE assessments available in top global languages

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Available for reading & grammar
  • Available for listening

Test administration made easy

Invite students


Invite students

From the administrator portal, instantly send individual assessment links via email or generate a multi-use link to be shared with multiple students.

Complete assessments


Complete assessments

Students follow the link to access the test-taker dashboard and complete the test.

Review results


Review results

Once the assessment is completed, score reports and results are immediately available on the administrator dashboard.

The WebCAPE assessment experience

Language background survey

Language background survey

The assessment begins by gathering information about the student's experience with the selected language.

Multiple-choice assessment

Multiple-choice assessment

As students answer multiple-choice questions, the test adapts and selects questions at the right level to assess the test-taker’s reading and grammar skills.

WebCAPE score report

WebCAPE score report

Upon completion, students are able to immediately view their score report and recommendation for course placement.

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