More With Less: How Focus Services Saves Hundreds of Hiring Hours with Fewer Recruiters

Focus Services is a privately owned call center service provider, specializing in multi-product telesales and customer relationship management. Emmersion’s automated testing gives their recruiters more bandwidth to provide their employees with a predictable career and personal pathways that are engaging, educational, and empowering.

Focus services

Highlights of Focus Services + Emmersion

  • Focus services is winning new client contracts by proving language ability and tracking data to show it
  • Eliminating language interviews has allowed them to operate just as effectively with 1-2 less recruiters
  • They’re increasing their talent pool, performance, and new client interest by putting language testing at the beginning of their hiring process
  • Recruiters can hire 20 great agents in just two weeks—twice as fast as they could before


Started with Emmersion in 2020


2,000 candidates screened using Emmersion


El Salvador, Philippines



I used to dread the question of what we do for language assessment. I’m actually leading with it now. It changes the whole conversation.

BenJoe Markland, Focus Services

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Focus Services is a global organization that services companies worldwide in multiple languages, and finding great candidates with the right language ability is tough. Before partnering with Emmersion, Focus Services used recruiters to interview each candidate and give them a fluency percentage that determined whether or not they had the right level of language skill for the job.

This wasn’t a great solution for a few reasons:

  • It took a huge amount of work to try to keep recruiters calibrated to score consistently
  • Unqualified candidates would pass through the system because of tired, burned out recruiters that passed people through the process without understanding their true language ability
  • Clients complained about situations where their customers couldn’t communicate with under-qualified agents
  • Focus Services had to replace poor hires and experienced higher costs and attrition as a result


After trying things like hiring native language speakers for their recruiters and using free tools, Focus Services knew they needed a better testing solution to establish and solidify their language ability requirements and standardize their language screening process. With Emmersion’s automated AI assessments that deliver fast, accurate, and reliable results every time, Focus Services can:

  • Improve their reputation and competitive advantage with certified, high-quality language speakers
  • Improve CSAT scores
  • Reduce time and cost to hire by letting humans handle subjective screening and AI handle objective screening
  • Rely on fair, unbiased decisions that are accurate every time
  • Reduce employee turnover with happier, better-qualified agents


Language ability is the primary factor in successful agents at Focus Services and the first priority requirement in the hiring process. Emmersion helps their recruiters effectively screen candidates for language skills so they can continue to deliver a great customer experience. Here’s a snapshot of their benefits:

  • Better testing helped them win new business through their improved Net Promoter Score (NPS) CSAT scores
  • Focus Services has shortened their agent hiring process by more than 50%
  • They’re getting better agents by identifying and recruiting top talent faster than their competitors
  • Recruiters are able to focus their time on more impactful tasks and avoid language testing burnout
  • They can now answer the question: “What do you do for language assessment” with confidence
  • Emmersion’s data insights help Focus Services demonstrate value to new clients and win new accounts
  • Automated testing provides the bandwidth their hiring team needs to continue providing their employees with predictable careers and personal pathways

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