Emmersion Helps Armatis Hire 2-3 Days Faster per Candidate

Armatis has been specialists in Customer Relations for over 30 years. When they needed to speed up their hiring process, Emmersion helped them make it happen through automating language testing.

Highlights of Armatis + Emmersion

  • Using Emmersion has shortened their language assessment process from a few days for each applicant to just 15 minutes of their candidates’ time
  • Emmersion’s automated tests give immediate results, which allowed Armatis to send top applicants same-day offers for many positions
  • Armatis has greater confidence in their language testing results with Emmersion’s third party certification


Started with Emmersion in 2020


1,000+ candidates screened using Emmersion




English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

We are saving 2-3 days per candidate in our recruiting process. We are also saving time for our language experts to focus on more important tasks.

Katarzyna Knopp, Armatis Poland

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