Crossover Recruits 3 Days Faster per Candidate with Emmersion

As a fully-remote RPO, Crossover needs to automate the hiring process as much as possible. Emmersion’s API integration, fully automated language assessments, and customizable scoring benchmarks helps Crossover remotely screen over a million global applicants per year to find the best hires for their clients.

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Highlights of Crossover + Emmersion

  • Crossover screens over 1 million applicants from more than 80 countries around the world using Emmersion assessments
  • Their language testing process went from 3 days to just 15 minutes
  • Emmersion’s API integrations have made it easy for Crossover to add Emmersion’s accurate, efficient language screenings into their hiring process
  • Emmersion’s language assessments weed out 30% of Crossover’s applicants to give them a highly qualified talent pool from the start
  • By working with Emmersion, Crossover has developed customized communication benchmarks that help them determine automatic next steps for each applicant


Started with Emmersion in 2019


1 million +


Global (candidates screened in over 130 countries)



Verbal English is a key skill for which we require a high proficiency for all of our roles. They are fundamental tests that help us sieve the top 1% of candidates, and therefore need to be very high quality.

Bogdan Tenea, VP of Product,

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