Computacenter Reduces Hiring Needs by as Much as 75% Using Automated Language Screening

Computacenter is a British multinational that provides computer services to public- and private-sector customers all across Europe with over 16,000 agents. With Emmersion, they’re streamlining language screening to find better hires faster.

Highlights of Computacenter + Emmersion

  • With Emmersion, Computacenter is keeping pace with industry-wide digital transformation standards
  • Better language screening has played an instrumental role in cutting Computacenter Hungary’s hiring needs by as much as 75%
  • Qualifying agents at the beginning of the hiring process has led to fewer customer escalations and happier clients
  • Emmersion’s 95% accurate scores give Computacenter more consistent, reliable results than the ones they got from human-led interviews


Started with Emmersion in 2020


1,700 candidates screened using Emmersion


Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Spain, South Africa


English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Our clients prefer to have our agents’ language abilities validated by a third party. Now, with Emmersion, we are able to provide this certification and it does not slow down our recruitment process.

Maya Vertesi, Computacenter Hungary

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As a multinational company servicing clients in over 20 languages, Computacenter’s top priority is finding high-quality, certified language speakers and communicators that can work in omnichannel roles. Before using Emmersion, Computacenter tried screening through interviews, written tests, and a third party service, but none of these solutions delivered the outcomes Computacenter needed to see.

Here’s where other solutions were falling short:

  • Language screening wasn’t accurate or objective enough to deliver reliable results because it was done through human-led interviews, exams, and phone calls.
  • Misplaced hires were creating escalations and issues for Computacenter, its clients, and their customers.
  • They had no way to prove a new hire’s true language ability and justify hiring decisions when language-related issues arose.


Language fluency is a top priority skill for Computacenter and its clients. The right level of language skill is something that hires either have or they don’t, and can’t be learned on the job in a few weeks or months. To avoid turnover and poor service interactions with customers, Computacenter knew they needed to know definitively, and right away, whether or not their candidates had the right skills for the job.

Emmersion’s assessments were a perfect fit for Computacenter because:

  • They’re built with Artificial Intelligence to deliver accurate results every time, free of bias.
  • Emmersion’s tests take 30 minutes or less for writing skills and 15 minutes or less for speaking skills, much faster than traditional interviews or third-party evaluations.
  • All assessments can be taken on candidates’ own time, virtually eliminating screening time from Computacenter’s hiring process.
  • There’s no limit to the number of tests candidates can take at once, making all volume screening needs painless for Computacenter hiring teams.
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Emmersion helps Computacenter find better hires that they and their clients can truly depend on. Automated, AI screenings get the job done right with fewer resources and better outcomes. In short, Computacenter is hiring agents faster, more objectively, more efficiently and seeing better outcomes in their CSAT scores and agent performance as a result.

Check out some of their top benefits:

  • Computacenter Hungary and Spain hired 200-400 candidates a year when they first started with Emmersion.
  • With better language screening, they’re seeing improved retention and lower hiring needs by as much as 75%.
  • Embracing digital transformation now means Computacenter can be more competitive with other large contact center organizations for client contracts.
  • Computacenter recruiters were happy to use a more effective language screening tool and began to make hiring decisions with greater confidence.

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