ClearSource Uses Better Language Testing for Better Speed, Accuracy, and Client Satisfaction

ClearSource is a BPO offering premiere business process and customer service outsourcing services. Emmersion’s language testing software helps them hire language-proficient candidates so they can better serve their clients and customers.

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Highlights of ClearSource + Emmersion

  • With Emmersion, ClearSource can test more applicants at the beginning of the process, finding more qualified hires right away
  • They’re testing language ability twice as fast as they were before
  • ClearSource can give their clients reliable, third-party proof of their agents’ language ability
  • Better agent communication cuts attrition by 50% and raises CSAT scores as much as 20%
  • As ClearSource grows, they can easily scale language testing to meet their hiring needs


Started with Emmersion in 2020


2,000+ candidates screened using Emmersion





Moving to an automated testing solution has allowed us to speed up our process. Our prior process tended to take too much time, and now we are able to get a better understanding of a candidate’s abilities at a much faster pace.

John Putong, Talent Acquisition Manager, ClearSource

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