Innovation Spotlight

Utilizing Automated Language Testing to Hire and Retain Top Performers

November 3, 2021 | 11:45 AM EST


Screening job candidates for language ability is vital for companies with a bilingual workforce. Watch to learn how placing automated language testing at the beginning of your talent acquisition process can make all the difference for global organizations looking to increase CSAT scores and employee retention.


  • Most often, the hardest part of organizations’ hiring process is not receiving enough applicants.
  • In a recent study, Forbes found that 65% of US organizations attribute inefficiencies in their business to language barriers.
  • Customer experience is becoming the number one competitive advantage and differentiator for companies. 
  • Human raters are the traditional option for language skills testing, but automated testing is immensely faster, much more accurate and consistent, and a lot cheaper.
"Once you have a process in place, the incremental cost of technology is typically far lower than even the most fine-tuned and streamlined [human-dependent] processes."
Dr. Jacob Burdis
Cofounder, Head of Product and Strategy, Emmersion