Innovation Spotlight

Using AI to Boost Employee and Customer Experience Efficiency

Recorded Wednesday, April 21, 2021 | 4:30 PM PHT


In this session, we’ll highlight how utilizing artificial intelligence to accurately screen talent in the hiring process leads to improved employee efficiency and customer satisfaction by hiring only the most qualified agents.


  • Contact centers are constantly focused on providing the best customer experience, and most of the factors that help accomplish that objective relate to the skills of the agents that are filling the seats of the contact center.
  • The most important skills an agent can have are the ones that affect their ability to deliver great service, and that includes great language and communication skills.
  • It’s time to move away from human-rated language assessment solutions that aren’t scalable, too expensive don’t offer immediate results, and add bias and inconsistencies to hiring.
"AI produces accurate and consistent results that lead to better qualified candidates. And it’s more affordable, because it’s a machine, [and] able to scale up and down infinitely with very low cost to the organization."
Brody Horton
VP of Client Success, Emmersion