Innovation Spotlight

Top Talent Investments for Improving Company Performance

Recorded Tuesday, August 17, 2021 | 1:00 PM ET


It’s cliche, but so true: people are our most valuable asset. If we aren’t hiring the right people to drive the success of our business, our organizations won’t thrive. In this session, Paul Thatcher discusses which talent investments are most valuable to company performance and technologies in the industry that are best for those investments.


  • The most impactful pathway for seeing results in overall company performance is acquiring talent.
  • Focusing on the right skills is critical to finding the right talent, and communication, writing, and foreign language skills are among the top requested skills for companies across the board.
  • When you look at effective hiring as a potential benefit to customers, there’s so many things that getting the hiring right does to impact customers outcomes and build your business.
"All the time, in our world, we hear of customers that are saving revenue and saving clients because they’ve been able to hire with better language proficiency."
Paul Thatcher
Head of People, Emmersion