Executive Series

The Future of Technology in Education and Language Learning

Recorded Thursday, March 25, 2021 | 11:00 AM MDT


While technology and app development have certainly helped bring some aspects of learning to the masses, and helped to streamline our education system, the same classroom style of learning from generations ago is still prevalent in schools around the globe.


  • Not every aspect of our lives has kept up with this rapid pace of technological advancement, like the way we learn.
  • Although there are some great emerging technologies helping to change traditional style learning and make them available to anyone, the way in which languages, most subjects for that matter, are taught and learned is largely the same.
  • The future of language learning and technology could include individualized learning pathways and systems that cater to unique factors, like their performance, what they know, the mistakes they’re making, etc.
“I think it’s important... as we make [language learning] more efficient, [rather than] easier, that [the focus is on] getting better returns from the investment because of the added value of technology.”
Brigham Tomco
CEO and Founder, Emmersion