Innovation Spotlight

Proving Language Ability in the Middle East

Recorded Wednesday, August 18, 2021 | 5:30 PM AST


In this live event, our speakers explore the benefits of using AI-driven language screening in hiring and recruiting. They outline how language screening can save time and money in hiring and recruiting, scale your process beyond one location, and increase accuracy by removing human error and bias.


  • Middle Eastern companies are more and more becoming international players as they expand their industries outside of the region.
  • Technology has been a key player in giving Middle Eastern-based companies access to wider and more diverse hiring pools
  • Automated assessment technology is a huge benefit to companies who are hiring bilingual employees and looking to widen their talent pool faster, more accurately, and more efficiently than they have been.
"Middle Eastern companies are more focused on giving opportunities to internationals. That requires adapting better tools to improve their efficiency and impact in the screening process so they can hire on time."
Abdulmajeed Al Balushi
Founder, Ibtikar Solutions