Innovation Spotlight

Language Matters: Reduce Turnover and Build Stronger Teams

January 26, 2022 | 12:00 PM MDT 


This webinar discusses how language ability is often overlooked—but an imperative skill. From CSAT scores to employee turnover, it all hinges on language!


  • Language ability is a baseline skill that’s very difficult to teach an agent, even if they’re a great fit for their position in other ways.
  • One of Emmersion’s biggest clients found that their industry-recognized CSAT scores and reputation are directly influenced by agents’ language ability.
  • Using accurate testing to hire the best talent (with the right hard and soft skills) leads to decreased turnover.
  • AI language testing is more accurate, faster, much cheaper, and has far less bias than human-led language ability interviews.
"Getting the right talent in the door significantly impacts CSAT scores. And if you can improve CSAT, your customers are going to be happy, you're going to retain them and grow your business, [and you'll] become known for the way you treat your customers."
Paul Thatcher
Head of People, Emmersion