Executive Series

Innovative Ideas for Delivering the Customer Experience of Tomorrow

Recorded Wednesday, September 23, 2020 | 11:10 AM MDT


In this roundtable, CEO Brigham Tomco joins other executives to discuss how we can arm our organizations with the right vision, intelligence, strategy, coaching, and technologies to swiftly adapt to unexpected change – while reaping the immediate rewards of customer centricity. This session explores innovative ways of approaching the customer experience function, all with the goal of boosting performance, loyalty, engagement, and bottom-line results.


  • The Covid-19 pandemic shone a light on our need to optimize processes and embrace digital transformation.
  • It’s important to start taking steps to improve your systems as call centers compete for both the best clients and the best hires. 
  • We need to look at digital transformation, work from home, and digital engagement as opportunities instead of temporary replacements.
“Companies thought they could fit it digital and cloud-based solutions into other initiatives and timelines, and we now know we have to be proactive in creating nimble processes before the crisis happens.”
Brigham Tomco
CEO and Cofounder, Emmersion