Customer Spotlight

How to Improve Hiring with Automated Language Screening

Recorded Thursday, August 20, 2020 | 11:30 AM MDT


In this CCW at Home Think Tank, Dr. Jacob Burdis, CSO and cofounder of Emmersion, discusses with Tony Morrison, CEO of CoDev, how automating the language screening process with TrueNorth has improved the hiring process at CoDev.


  • CoDev knew they needed a language screening solution that would make their hiring process easier and more streamlined all around.
  • Until they switched to Emmersion, ineffective human rater interviews were causing big problems for CoDev’s candidate hiring process.
  • Now, CoDev recruiters are screening for language skills right away and hardly need to think about language ability and dealing with language problems at all.
“Before we were testing well, we had employees opting out of our employment opportunities because of language ability, saying things like ‘I don’t feel comfortable communicating in this situation or at this level.’ Now, it happens a lot less and we don’t need to worry about speaking skills being an issue for our hires or our clients.”
Tony Morrison
CEO, CoDev