Executive Series

How to Choose the Best Products for the Greatest Student Learning Outcomes

Recorded Friday, March 5, 2021 | 12:15 AM MDT


Industry leaders share principles they follow to choose the best products in their individual roles. Find out how you can choose the best products to build your own product, help others in your team or classroom use the best products, and choose the best language learning products for yourself.


  • A key aspect of developing a great product is understanding its use case and the features you need to include to deliver great value to your clients and end users.
  • Investing in innovative ways to deliver quality, educational experiences is a great way to insulate yourself from unforseeable events like the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • When you’re looking at learning and assessing, there are many different use cases. As technology continues to develop, it will obviously replace low stakes processes, and high stakes processes may follow in the future.
"...As you evaluate products, knowing what outcomes you’re looking for and the jobs you’re trying to solve using that learning product or that assessment is very important, because...you’ll choose different products based on the outcomes you’re trying to achieve."
Brigham Tomco
CEO and Founder, Emmersion