Innovation Spotlight

First, Speak the Language: The Foundation of a Global Workforce

March 29, 2022 | 1:00 PM ET 


Our customers and workforces are becoming more and more global. And hiring and retaining top bilingual talent is more important than ever before. This discussion dives into best practices for developing a stronger bilingual team that is better-equipped to handle customer interactions. Learn how properly qualified talent is the key to higher employee and customer retention, improved CSAT scores, and more.


  • Language ability is foundational to growing remote work, digital transformation, global workforce, promotion and progress tracking, and DE&I.
  • The effects of employees with poor language ability include inability to win new business, low CSAT scores, low customer and employee retention, and poor internal communication.
  • You can’t run a global business without first certifying language ability.
  • Automated, AI-driven language testing solutions are 2x faster, 95% more accurate, more objective, and much more scalable than human-led language interviews.
"Automation and artificial intelligence shouldn't replace humans. But it should provide better data for the hiring process so you can identify the skills and abilities you need to bring the right people into your organization."
Paul Thatcher
Head of People, Emmersion