Customer Spotlight

Next-Level Hiring: The Surprising Benefit of Automated Language Screening

Recorded Friday, December 4, 2020 | 11:30 am MT


Using automated language screening at the beginning of the hiring process gives you detailed scoring and insights for each speaker that you can start gathering and analyzing to make better predictions about acceptable thresholds, agent development, and more.


  • Figuring out applicants’ language ability is notoriously difficult, especially with human raters.
  • Better language screening takes advantage of new technologies, tests candidates on their own time, delivers more accurate results than recruiters, and provides fast insights for language ability.
  • With accurate, objective scores, contact centers can deliver better value for their clients and create better opportunities in the future.
“[Before Emmersion] I used to dread the question of what we do for language assessment. I’m actually leading with it now. It changes the whole conversation.”