Executive Series

Best Practices for Building a Bilingual Hiring Strategy

Recorded October, 2021 | 11:00 AM MST


The world of bilingual hiring is exploding as companies around the world turn to new, global talent pools for customer service roles. In this webinar, our panel experts discuss ways you can leverage new tools and strategies to take advantage of this exciting time in the contact center and BPO industries.


  • Language ability isn’t just important for KPIs and business outcomes—it’s important for the end users that need help and services.
  • In this competitive space, it’s important to differentiate by creating a trusting work environment where employees don’t want to leave.
  • With Emmersion’s reliable, automated language testing solution, ClearSource can gather a large pool of applicants and aim for a 5% hire rate to stay picky about getting the best hires for their clients.
"Bilingual hiring in these locations where you have fewer native english speakers will continue to be a real driver in our industries. I think those companies who can hire well and keep their talent and can differentiate from the competition by creating an excellent customer experience...will be the winners in the long run."
Paul Thatcher
Head of People, Emmersion