Executive Series

Automating Language Testing Through the Use of AI

Recorded Thursday, July 16, 2020 | 1:00 PM MDT


Though they don’t integrate with Alexa quite yet, in this session CMP Analyst Brian Cantor discusses with Dr. Jacob Burdis how how Emmersion is revolutionizing the language testing process with AI. By screening job candidates faster and more accurately, customer contact centers can retain the best talent, reduce high turnover, and improve CSAT scores.


  • Employees represent your brand, so it’s crucial that they have the right language skills to deliver high-quality service.
  • Traditional language testing doesn’t deliver the right results because human raters aren’t testing for the right things, they get distracted by testers’ personalities, and their work is too hard to standardize.
  • Language screening is cost effective because employees that can’t meet the language requirements for their job are both faster to self-churn and faster to be let go.
“Our test is unique in that it combines what we know about the language development process and how language is learned with a person’s cognitive ability and short-term memory to create a really strong prediction of their language ability.”
Jacob Burdis
Co-Founder, Emmersion