The Proof is in the Numbers: How italki Uses Language Testing to Prove Curriculum

italki is one of the largest online language learning platforms, connecting over 4 million language learners to teachers through video chat. Emmersion helps italki instructors accurately measure and benchmark students’ language skills to deliver more effective education.


Highlights of italki + Emmersion

  • Emmersion partners with italki to sell assessments to their language learners when they want to check their learning progress
  • Students can test remotely through italki’s mobile app and get 95% accurate, instant results
  • Teachers can use these scores to measure student progress and target material to help learners reach their language learning goals


Started with Emmersion in 2021


3,000 candidates screened using Emmersion 


Language learners across the globe


English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

“We chose to use Emmersion because it fits within our company’s strategic mission for 2021 to improve the learner’s user journey part of our product.”

– Hans Shen, italki

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