From Weeks to Hours: How CoDev Cut Screening Time with a 15-Minute Screener

CoDev solves software development staffing problems by streamlining the offshore hiring process. Their goal is to make finding great hires painless for their clientele, and Emmersion helps them do it with automated language screening.


Highlights of CoDev + Emmersion

  • CoDev’s language screening is now twice as fast, 95% accurate, truly objective, and scales with them as they grow
  • The tests’ precise scoring and detailed reporting helps CoDev build candidate profiles and prove language ability both internally and externally 
  • With automated testing, CoDev’s language screening process is worry-free for both their recruiting teams and clients


Started with Emmersion in 2019


2,000 candidates screened using Emmersion 





“One of the challenges people have with offshoring talent is English communication ability. Being able to say to our clients ‘we have really great English speaking talent and we use a third party to prove it’ gives them confidence in our talent.”

– Landon Essig, CEO of CoDev

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CoDev's hiring challenges

CoDev’s business is growing fast. They’re hiring more than 50 candidates per month, which means hundreds of interviews and screenings every 30 days. And, because CoDev’s clients are based in the US, English is a first-priority skill. To continue delivering top-quality talent, they need an accurate and consistent way to test the language ability of their applicants before recommending them for hire.

CoDev’s language assessments need to:

  • Have the ability to be taken any time, anywhere
  • Provide fast, accurate scores every time
  • Be easy for their recruiters to administer
  • Help the applicants, hiring teams, and clients feel confident in meeting the language requirements for the job

With growing hiring demands looming ahead of them, CoDev knew they needed a language screening solution that would make their hiring process easier and more streamlined all around.

Language ability assurance

Emmersion gives CoDev a way to reliably prove their candidates’ language ability with minimal impact on their recruiters’ time or hiring process. The assessments are automated, administered remotely, take less than 15 minutes, and show instant, granulated scores mapped to global standards. 

With Emmersion, CoDev can:

  • Screen 2x faster than the human raters they were using before
  • Test language ability with 95% accuracy
  • Access instant score results on Emmersion’s simple admin dashboard
  • Deliver top-notch candidates with confidence

Language screening peace of mind

Qualifying language skills has become so easy for CoDev, their recruiters don’t even need to think about it. With Emmersion, CoDev screens all of their candidates at the beginning of their hiring process to build a skilled talent pool right from the start. When they know their candidates meet the most important requirement from the start, they don’t need to worry about language skills causing problems down the road. and can move on from there to screen for other requirements.

Emmersion’s automated language testing has impacted CoDev’s hiring process by:

  • Nearly eliminating candidates’ self-attrition
  • Allowing CoDev to create individualized candidate profiles using Emmersion’s TrueNorth score report
  • Helping recruiters find qualified candidates days faster than before
  • Taking the language interview headache out of the hiring process

By helping CoDev prove language ability, Emmersion helps them screen, hire, and grow better.

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