Afni Reduces Candidate Fallout by 37% with Emmersion + Talkpush

Afni is a passionate global team focused on helping brands develop meaningful and profitable relationships with their customers. Emmersion has helped them to hire better language-qualified employees with a powerful, seamless experience in partnership with Talkpush, the leading recruitment automation platform for high-volume hiring.


Highlights of Afni's Results with Emmersion + Talkpush

  • After integrating Emmersion into their Talkpush solution, Afni has reduced candidate fallout between application steps by 37%
  • Afni’s Training and Operations team has reported a significant increase in their quality of hires after integrating with Emmersion 
  • With better language testing, Afni has more than doubled its weekly hiring numbers, from 120 people per week to 250 per week
  • Afni has used Emmersion and Talkpush to lessen the manual burden for their recruiting teams, found better-qualified candidates, and hire more effectively overall


Started with Emmersion in 2021


22,000 candidates screened using Emmersion





“Operations and training has reported a significant increase in the quality of hires since implementing Emmersion.”

– Anna Pinaroc, Director of Talent Acquisition, Afni

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Before Emmersion, Afni wasn’t seeing the right level of language ability for the positions they were hiring for. The language assessment provider that they originally used with Talkpush wasn’t delivering enough qualified candidates. Afni knew they needed to find a better way to assess job candidates, so they decided to complement the use of Talkpush with an upgraded language screening system for a better combined solution.

Afni needed a language assessment engine that:

  • Helps create a great candidate experience for bilingual hires
  • Easily integrates with their omni-channel automation platform, Talkpush
  • Delivers fast results to keep candidates engaged in the application process
  • Accurately predicts language ability for more effective hiring decisions
  • Motivates more candidates to complete their applications
  • Tests quickly enough to offer a tiered language testing experience to their most qualified candidates


Afni found Emmersion’s language assessment platform while searching for a more reliable language testing solution. They decided to conduct a pilot comparing Emmersion to their previous solution and found that Emmersion’s assessment was much more effective with less candidate fallout and more qualified candidates. Emmersion and Talkpush collaborated to develop an integration and, within weeks, Afni switched to Emmersion’s language assessment solution for more effective results and better-qualified speakers.

Talkpush and Emmersion were a great solution for Afni because:

  • Emmersion’s automated assessments provide instant results and a user-friendly testing experience 
  • Tests take just 15 minutes and when paired with Talkpush’s ability to automatically move job candidates to the next stage of the application process, helps Afni to capitalize on top talent.
  • Together, they provided Afni with a much more efficient application process that could provide better potential hires without adding to their recruiters’ workload


Afni has created a smoother and more effective candidate experience for their job applicants with the powerful, combined solution of Talkpush’s automation and Emmersion’s reliable assessment engine. And, seeing what’s working has allowed them to open their positions to a wider talent pool and hire more employees overall.

Combining Talkpush and Emmersion has given Afni the following benefits:

  • Afni Training and Operations has seen a noticeable improvement in Afni’s quality of hires after implementing Emmersion
  • Better testing allowed Afni to expand their candidate pool and confidently hire candidates with less industry experience—from 120 to 250 per week
  • With Emmersion’s language testing solution and Talkpush’s real-time engagement with candidates, Afni has reduced candidate fallout from 40% to 3%, getting more, better-qualified candidates through the hiring process

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