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Do you need an assessment solution that can integrate with your curriculum? Our assessments can provide valuable placement and progress measurement. 

With our assessment solutions, you will benefit from cutting edge technologies such as adaptive testing and advanced algorithms fueled by artificial intelligence.

We help you measure the right skills. Our results align to industry benchmarks and global standards such as CEFR, ACTFL, TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC.

With our patented technology, we are the first to provide instant feedback on speaking assessments. We also provide you with custom reporting based on your needs.

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Let Powerful Data Inform Your Process

Our comprehensive assessments provide valuable data about your students’ language skills to ensure their language-learning journey follows the right path

Be an Industry Leader​

Language education is accelerating at an impressive rate. A recent study published by Wall Street English predicts the adult English language training market to grow by over 80% in the next five years (Wall Street English, 2019). Maintaining your current processes will not keep you current in the developing field of language training. You must be consistently developing your processes and integrating technology to streamline processes. We want to help. Our assessments go beyond testing for language skills—while they do that really well. We also provide predictive and analytical analysis of your clients and the industry. Our language assessments are the first ever patented AI assessments with immediate results. With proven validity and reliability, you can feel confident the results you see are the results that matter. Our tests have been correlated with the top standards in the world including CEFR, TOEFL, ACTF, IELTS, and TOEIC.

Retain Top Students

With competition increasing at an incredibly fast rate, the ability to attract and retain students will require business centers to innovate and partner. One study published recently by Study International states that the number of British schools in China are on track to double in 2019 alone (Study International, 2019).

Emmersion Learning has designed assessments to partner with your school. The flexibility of our language assessments provides you with advanced and multivariate testing solutions.  For example, would you like more homogeneous language skills in your classrooms? We have been that solution for over 25 years in over 800 institutions worldwide. Imagine the benefit to your teachers and students when the students are at the same language level in each class. The experience for both the instructor and student is improved and emotionally gratifying to both.

Supporting You

We are in the business of enabling your institution to do more with language. What does that mean? It means we can help in a lot of ways. Do you need to assess your instructors? Do you need to review your curriculum? Would you like to know how prepared your students are for TOEFL? Would you like data to review trends, strategies, and outcomes with your curriculum? With Emmersion Learning, we are more than a testing company. We test with purpose. You define the purpose, and we will make sure you can measure it.

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