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Decrease turnover by hiring better-qualified employees quickly through AI-driven English language screening

A Complete Solution for Contact Centers

Capture top talent by outpacing the competition through our immediate results. Increase your talent pool while streamlining your global recruiting process.

Provide a professional and impressive language assessment experience for your potential employees and a better work experience for your current employees.

We match specific language assessments to meet your business needs. We offer tailored questions uniquely designed for contact centers.

We offer language skill assessment tests in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Additional languages are coming soon.

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Our comprehensive English test for call centers provides valuable data about your employees’ language skills that you can rely on

Talent Acquisition

The successful acquisition of global talent is the greatest advantage the 21st century business can use to maintain a dominant position ahead of the competition. According to Glassdoor, 76 percent of recruiters and 71 percent of applicants feel the application and interview process is too long (Glassdoor, 2019). Top experts also believe the use of artificial intelligence will greatly disrupt the hiring process. Using our AI-driven, adaptive English language tests, we are able to provide accurate and instant results. Not only are our assessments the most advanced; we also use data from industry leaders to provide you with actionable intelligence. For example, would you like to know which benchmarks top businesses are using? We can provide that. Would you like to know trends, results, best practices, and strategies for testing your candidates? We can provide that too. We don’t just test, we test with purpose

Valid and Reliable English Language Testing​

Language assessments for call center professionals or for bilingual certification need to be valid and reliable. Emmersion Learning has used certified language experts and assessment services to verify language benchmarks and industry standards. Reliability in assessment is knowing the results you get are consistent and defensible.

Assessment reliability protects your business. In many countries, there are government requirements to ensure equal employment opportunity. Using the built-in benchmarks or aligning the results with industry standards will ensure your organization is compliant and protected.

Customized Data Partnership​

Emmersion wants to be more than an assessment service to you. We want to be your partner. That’s why we commit to more than just assessment. You have to continue to innovate your business model to stay ahead of the competition, and so do we. When you partner with us, you are getting a team of language experts, psychometricians, data researchers, and industry analysts. We are committed to making sure your business always stay one step ahead.

One way we do that is by continually reviewing the data for trends, opportunities, and strategies. For example, if a significant portion of your applicants do not qualify for the next round of interviews, is there a single underlying reason that has a simple fix? We have people looking at the data for these reasons and many more. When we say to you, “do more with language,” that goes for us, too.

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