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Used daily by over 600 academic institutions, our results have proven valid and reliable since 1992. We have global servers, 99.9% up-time, redundancy, and cloud backups. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Unlike any other language assessment on the planet, all our assessments (including speaking) are fully-automated and provide instant results. When we say instant, we don’t mean 24 hours later. You get results right away!

We help you measure right skills. Our assessments are calibrated to deliver accurate results. Did we mention that we also correlate to the main global language standards such as CEFR, ACTFL, and TOEFL?

Using artificial intelligence and adaptive methodologies, our assessments are continually improving and developing through big data analytics. Our partners enjoy the most comprehensive language assessment experience.

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Our comprehensive assessments provide valuable data about your students’ language skills to ensure their language-learning journey follows the right path

Improved Placement​

Foreign language departments are continually faced with the task of advising and placing freshmen and transfer students into the appropriate course. This decision is often based primarily upon the number of classes the student has previously taken in the language. However, placement on this basis does not take into account several important factors which determine the student’s actual ability in the language. These factors include the effectiveness of the student’s past teacher(s), the curriculum covered, and extracurricular or other out-of-class exposure to the language.

Reading, Grammar, and Vocabulary Assessment​

Our multiple-choice adaptive placement assessment is designed to provide individualized evaluation through a combination of grammar, reading, and vocabulary questions. As students proceeds through the assessment, the computer adapts the question difficulty based on their responses to previous items. By offering multiple questions targeted at the student’s level, the assessment can accurately evaluate the student’s ability very quickly. Additionally, the psychometrics used in the scoring algorithm can control for lucky guesses or inadvertent errors that deviate from the expected response model. Once the algorithm is confident in the student’s ability, the assessment ends and the student receives a score and placement level based on a customized rubric set by the university.

Speaking Assessment

Our fully-automated speaking assessment utilizes artificial intelligence to evaluate the student’s speaking ability through the use of innovative linguistic methods, such as elicited imitation (EI). Elicited imitation, which is basically a fancy way to say “listen and repeat”, is a research-proven method to efficiently get a strong and reliable prediction of oral language proficiency. It measures how efficiently the test-taker’s brain can process or “chunk” language information. Higher proficiency in the language enables a test-taker to process longer and more complex sentences. This video provides a brief explanation of this process.

Multiple Languages​

Our suite of assessment products allows administrators the ability to test students in a variety of languages all in one platform. We offer assessments in the most popular languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Additional languages are coming soon.

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