Parli Italiano?

Accurate and automated language testing for Italian speakers.

The Journey

Though only an official language since 1861, Italian has quickly risen in popularity as one of the Top 5 most-studied languages in the world with more than 2 million learners. Organizations are anxious to properly and accurately test bilingual speakers in universities and companies around the world.

We have offered an Italian version of WebCAPE, our multiple-choice reading and grammar assessment, since 2017. But in late 2019, we received multiple requests from eager clients in need of an automated speaking assessment as well. We heard the call, and delivered!

  1. Summer 2019
    Our clients said, “Italiano, per favore!

  2. Fall 2019
    We began collaboration with language experts to define the appropriate language content and calibrate scoring parameters.

  3. Spring 2020
    By utilizing the talent from nearly 400 Italian language-learners around the world, we calibrated the exams to find the highest performing test items.

  4. Summer 2020
    Beta testing and additional calibration began—adjustments complete.

  5. Fall 2020
    We did it! Introducing the Italian TrueNorth Speaking Test!

At Emmersion, we celebrate when we release new products and languages. Each one takes us one step closer to realizing our mission to close the global communication gap. This is not the end! Each of our tests are constantly being improved by adding additional calibrated content over time. And we will continue in our efforts to make each assessment adaptive like our newest version of the English TrueNorth assessment.

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