How Emmersion Helped Ayomide Unlock Opportunities

Ayomide is an aspiring technologist from Lagos, Nigeria. His name means “my joy is full”.

In 2010, he graduated from high school, and was admitted to university to study pharmacy. In his fifth and final year, he had the shock of his life. He had done his assessment and was waiting for the result. The program leader came and let him know he was removed from the program based on his grades. Because of this, he lost friends and he felt disgraced.

He was scared to face his parents with the news. But they supported him through the experience. He decided to start over again in a new program in Microbiology. He graduated in 2019 with his degree after 9 total years at the university.

He couldn’t find a job in microbiology, so he decided he needed to find another path. “Failure in pharmacy taught him that in order to progress in life, he would need a mentor.” His mentor helped him transition to software development, and he has been learning software development since 2019.

As part of a recent hiring process, he took the Emmersion speaking test. He was thrilled with his score, he scored incredibly high, and had to share the result on LinkedIn. It gave him a lot of confidence, and now he’s challenging all his friends to take the assessment to see if they can beat his score. His ability to prove his language ability will continue to unlock doors for him.

What’s next for Ayomide? He wants to continue to pursue software development and is looking for a full time position. He wants to share his story with others to help inspire them to never give up and to keep aiming for success. He knows in order to inspire others, he needs to be a success himself.

What we’re doing at Emmersion affects real people every day in life-changing ways.

Emmersion certifies language ability for organizations around the world using a fully automated and adaptive language assessment engine. It’s revolutionizing the language testing process with instant, accurate scoring for speaking, grammar, and writing ability in 9 global languages and counting. With a scalable assessment solution they can count on, hundreds of global businesses are building successful teams, reducing turnover, and improving their customer satisfaction scores. Learn more at

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