Emmersion Learning Acquires Perpetual Technology Group

LEHI, UT – Emmersion Learning, a rapidly growing EdTech company, has acquired Perpetual Technology Group, official licensee of WebCAPE, with the purpose of continuing its mission to close the global communication gap.

As the worldwide standard for language placement testing, WebCAPE has saved the education industry millions of dollars by offering a reliable and affordable exam to test reading, grammar, and vocabulary skills. Originally developed by Brigham Young University in 1992, WebCAPE was licensed in 2004 by Perpetual Technology Group and now serves over 600 institutions worldwide in seven languages.

“The industry has been anxiously awaiting the automated capability of testing all areas of language ability using machine learning and artificial intelligence,” said David G. Przybyla, founder of Perpetual Technology Group. “We have many customers excited to advance their placement process with the new integrations.”

In June 2017, Emmersion announced the release of its newest product, the TrueNorth Test, a fully-automated language speaking assessment. This patented technology, developed by co-founder Jacob Burdis, Ph.D., allows users to get immediate results from their speaking assessments. “We are excited to push the limits of technology in language assessment,” said Dr. Burdis, “by infusing machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to improve the validity and reliability of our assessments.”

Emmersion has experienced dramatic growth with its Spanish and English assessments and has been taken in over 30 countries worldwide by several Fortune 500 companies. Ten additional languages including Japanese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic are set to release soon.

“We are thrilled to have the WebCAPE team join ours,” shared Joe Tomco, CEO and co-founder of Emmersion Learning. “We are confident that with our combined industry experience and dedicated team of developers, engineers, and psychometricians, we will greatly improve the ability to accurately assess language learners throughout the world.”

The TrueNorth English Speaking Assessment was developed to modernize English language testing with patented artificial intelligence and machine learning. This technology allows for immediate results and scoring as opposed to all other language assessments that take 24 to 48 hours to grade. TrueNorth provides a convenient and immediate English testing solution that has been validated and calibrated to global testing standards and is also available in several other languages.

Some of the largest international companies rely on TrueNorth testing every day. With this technology, BPOs and international companies utilize real-time data and reporting to assist in attracting and hiring the best talent. Additionally, more than 650 universities, colleges, and training institutions around the globe use the TrueNorth platform for course placement and progress tracking. TrueNorth is delivered online with only the need for headphones and microphones.

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