What does the future of the Contact Center look like post-COVID-19?

Like everything else in the world, contact centers saw a massive amount of change in 2020. As “distributed work models” and “cloud contact infrastructure” became standard vernacular, contact center leaders were able to catch a glimpse into a potential future for the industry. Is this the beginning of a new future, or will the changes implemented this year revert as the pandemic recedes?

We partnered with CCW to conduct a survey targeted at leaders responsible for contact centers, customer experience, marketing, information technology, and/or operations strategy to better understand their expected key challenges and priorities over the next few years.

This market study reveals how the customer contact center will change—both strategically and tactically—following the events of 2020. Uncover the specific opportunities and challenges companies will face as they transform remote work, digital engagement and automation from 2020 “stop gaps” into contact center cornerstones.