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About Emmersion

Why Emmersion’s Sales Team?

Selling an emerging technology like Emmersion provides unique opportunities to success. Everyone in the company is in sales mode and looking for opportunities to expand Emmersion’s reach. All departments are incentivized and compensated by sales revenue, so you have the ability to work with the organization and build that sphere of influence with the blessing of the leadership team to get it any way you can. Extra bonus: Emmersion’s 750+ customers are supported by one full-time employee—and only half of their time is required to support our customers. The product is that simple. You don’t need to worry about selling something that is going to fall off in implementation. Everyone is backing your success 100%.

Key Responsibilities

We are a lively, sarcastic team that focuses on personalized success rather than just hitting quota. With regular pipeline challenges and activities, we intentionally engage the entire team in fun incentives so we can work together to hit our goals. We are looking for fun team players who are humble, self-motivated, and actionable. There will be a learning curve, but you must have the foundation to push through the struggle. The payout is well worth the journey! Key responsibilities include:

  • Being a hunter and gatherer—you must have the ability to prospect
  • MEDDICC the health out of your deals
  • 12-month account ownership
  • Lifetime renewal commission
  • Large territories
  • Meeting quota—you must be able to hold yourself accountable
  • Actually showing up
  • Participating in no-shave November

Understanding the why—a shift of focus from selling something to the client to helping them understand why they would buy something

Important Characteristics to Success

Company culture is very important to us, and we believe it should be intentional and polarizing. We only want to attract Team Players, Entrepreneurs, Solutioneers, and Truth Seekers, so we compensate and reward each other based on how we represent these company values. Plus, we only plan activities and initiatives that further strengthen our culture. Other important characteristics to success in sales include:

  • Grit—it is important to work through the tough times
  • Determination—you may have a ton of success right away, but it is important to stick it out when the tough times show up
  • Fail fast. Fail often. Learn. Adapt. Grow. —“Fall down 7 times, stand up 8.” -Japanese Proverb
  • Hunger to learn and motivation to get your hands dirty
  • Ability to meet personal and manager expectations
  • Willing to lose at ping pong…and golf…and pickleball.
  • A sense of humor!

Now hiring inventors, learners, and innovators.  See all open positions ›

Now hiring inventors, learners, and innovators.  See all open positions ›