Product & Technology

Collaboration. Focus. Learners. Flow-based.

Why Emmersion’s Product & Technology Team?

Joining one of our cross-functional teams means being a part of a mission-driven SaaS company that is closing the global communication gap. We are always on the lookout for new leading practices that align with our principles.  We are leading practitioners of:

  • Lean product development
  • Mob programming
  • Test-driven development
  • Continuous delivery
  • DevOps
  • Cloud-based product development

Key Responsibilities

We are a fun and collaborative team that emphasizes continuous learning. We are looking for people who are not satisfied with their current skills and want to improve. Whether your skillset matches ours or not, we are looking for people who are eager to learn. Key responsibilities include:

  • Collaboratively discovering, developing, delivering, testing, securing, and maintaining our SaaS product
  • Support the technology needs for all of Emmersion including:
    • Developing our products
    • Integrating existing systems
    • Building and maintaining reliable data pipelines
    • Supporting hardware and software

Important Characteristics to Success

Company culture is very important to us, and we believe it should be intentional and polarizing. We only want to attract Team Players, Entrepreneurs, Solutioneers, and Truth Seekers, so we compensate and reward each other based on how we represent these company values. Plus, we only plan activities and initiatives that further strengthen our culture. Other important characteristics to success in product and technology include:

  • Being a learner
  • Being willing to challenge your own assumptions and those of your team
  • Being open and collaborative in exploring ideas and decisions
  • Being able to give and receive feedback

Now hiring inventors, learners, and innovators.  See open positions ›

Now hiring inventors, learners, and innovators.

See open positions ›