Human Resources

Strategic. Data-driven. Shamelessly Enthusiastic.

About Emmersion

Why Emmersion’s Human Resources Team?

The vision of Emmersion is to close the global communication gap by helping people all over the world find life-changing jobs through improved communication skills. In order to accomplish this goal, we need to find world-class talent that can deliver on those products and services. This team has the unique opportunity to craft and influence an incredible culture with values that focus on individual growth in order to attract and develop the Emmersioneers that will accomplish this mission. This responsibility is critical to the strategic impact of the company. To us, human resources is not just about compliance and benefits; it is about developing scalable people who can deliver the solutions the world needs.

Key Responsibilities

We are a fun and focused team that prioritizes the strength of Emmersion’s culture and people. We believe there is power in diversity, so we are open to hiring top talent from everywhere. We are looking for growth-minded people who are shamelessly enthusiastic about growing the business and growing the people around them. Key responsibilities include:

  • Being champions of company culture
  • Helping company leaders develop scalable Emmersioneers
  • Developing total compensation programs that attract and retain our people
  • Working with hiring managers to find and hire top talent

Important Characteristics to Success

Company culture is very important to us, and we believe it should be intentional and polarizing. We only want to attract Team Players, Entrepreneurs, Solutioneers, and Truth Seekers, so we compensate and reward each other based on how we represent these company values. Plus, we only plan activities and initiatives that further strengthen our culture. Other important characteristics to success in human resources include:

  • Being a strategic and creative business leader
  • Engaging in data-driven critical thinking
  • Being a fantastic listener
  • Understanding and exemplifying servant leadership
  • Being willing to fully embrace Emmersion’s values

Now hiring strategic, data-driven, shamelessly enthusiastic people.  See open positions ›

Now hiring strategic, data-driven, shamelessly enthusiastic people.
 See open positions ›