Client Success

Growing. Light-hearted. Determined.

Why Emmersion’s Client Success Team?

Rather than just taking part in a machine that is already humming, a spot on Emmersion’s team means playing a foundational role in the growth and success of an emerging startup that is poised to take the world by storm. The product is here, the market share is here, the leadership is here; now we just need a bigger team to kick it up a notch! The timing could not be better to jump in, get to work, and experience unmatched success.

Key Responsibilities

We are a light-hearted team that is constantly looking to improve and grow. We hire collaborators who are ready to make data-driven decisions and challenge their own perspective and that of their team. We are more interested in people who are hungry and ready to learn than a perfect skill set! Key responsibilities include:

  • Onboarding new customers
  • Empowering and growing your portion of the existing client base
  • Providing support to sales
  • Being the eyes and ears of the company and representative of the client

Important Characteristics to Success

Company culture is very important to us, and we believe it should be intentional and polarizing. We only want to attract Team Players, Entrepreneurs, Solutioneers, and Truth Seekers, so we compensate and reward each other based on how we represent these company values. Plus, we only plan activities and initiatives that further strengthen our culture. Other important characteristics to success in client success include:

  • Being able to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Maintaining usage, renewal, and growth of your client base
  • Caring about client success over client happiness—client happiness is not always correlated with renewal or continued purchase 

Now hiring light-hearted, determined, growth focused people.  See open positions ›

Now hiring light-hearted, determined, growth focused people.
 See open positions ›