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What is happening at Emmersion?

David Przybyla

Measuring Corporate Language Training Programs for Success

A Little Background on Corporate English Training Programs

As global business started to boom in the 1970s and 1980s international organizations quickly realized communication was going to be the limiting bottleneck of growth. Many cultural idiosyncrasies quickly escalated into worldwide …

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Judson Hart

6 Tips to Writing for ESL Readers

At Emmersion, our vision for our work is to close the global communication gap. We do this by enhancing, credentialing, and supporting the learning of languages. However, we do not believe the burden to close this gap falls solely on …

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David Przybyla

6 Keys to Managing Employee Turnover and Retention

Yes, it is still important in a down economy!

Key Questions

  • Do you monitor employee turnover?
  • Do you carry out exit interviews?
  • Is turnover cyclical, seasonal, or departmentalized at your organization?

Labor turnover fluctuates with the economic cycle and often …

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